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Sisters of the Sunset Painting

Sisters of the Sunset Painting

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Sisters of the Sunset by Dorset Carroll

5"x7" framed mini painting, made in Uganda

"Sisters of the Sunset" captures a captivating moment in time, showcasing the bond between two African sisters as they embark on an enchanting journey towards a distant string. The painting exudes a sense of warmth, tranquility, and the enduring connection between siblings.

The backdrop of the artwork paints a breathtaking African sunset, casting a golden glow across the canvas. The sky is adorned with hues of yellow and orange, radiating a serene and ethereal atmosphere. Surrounding the sisters, majestic red trees stand tall, their branches reaching towards the heavens. These vibrant trees symbolize strength, resilience, and the rootedness of African heritage.

In the sky above, four birds soar gracefully with wings outstretched in flight. The birds, representing freedom and aspirations, dance amidst the golden hues, embodying the limitless possibilities that lie ahead for the sisters.

The 5"x7" Artisan Mini Paintings come in a black photo frame.

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Made by hand, with love by Dorset Caroll

This art was created by Dorset Caroll, one of the inspirational visual artists at the Artisan Center.

Impact: 100% of your purchase directly supports the artist & The Artisan Center.