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Solitude of the Savannah Painting

Solitude of the Savannah Painting

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Solitude of the Savannah by Dorset Carroll

5"x7" framed mini painting, made in Uganda

"Solitude of the Savannah" portrays a powerful and contemplative scene where an African Elephant stands majestically on the left side of the canvas, gazing into the distance. The painting captures the essence of the vast and untamed savannah, evoking a sense of both tranquility and isolation.

The backdrop of the artwork showcases a breathtaking sunset, with warm hues of orange, red, and purple painting the sky. The setting sun casts a gentle, golden light across the landscape, creating a serene and evocative atmosphere. The absence of trees in the foreground highlights the vastness of the savannah, accentuating the sense of solitude and the elephant's solitary presence.

The 5"x7" Artisan Mini Paintings come in a black photo frame.

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Made by hand, with love by Dorset Caroll

This art was created by Dorset Caroll, one of the inspirational visual artists at the Artisan Center.

Impact: 100% of your purchase directly supports the artist & The Artisan Center.