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Women of the Land (2 Paintings)

Women of the Land (2 Paintings)

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Women of the Land

Women of the Land by Edgar Acana

5"x7" framed mini paintings (2 qt.)

Painting 1: “Women in the Dark”: “Woman in the Dark” depicts our African women and the role they played in running homes in African traditional society. The woman is carrying water from a far spring, even during the night hours to support the family for the next day.

Painting 2: The Great Moment - "The Great Moment” portrays our traditional dance from the Acholi community. The dance is usually held in the evening hours after a hard day of work. The event would usually start at 6 pm till midnight. In Acholi tradition the men observe the women shaking their waists while dancing and that's how one would determine a good wife.

The 5"x7" Artisan Mini Paintings come in a black photo frame.


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Made by hand, with love by Edgar Acana.

This art was created by Edgar Acana, one of the inspirational visual artists at the Artisan Center.

Impact: 100% of your purchase directly supports the artist & The Artisan Center.